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The beginning

ABS was formed in April 1992, originally to provide two services, being:-

(a)    The design and installation of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems to smaller end users.

(b)    The service and planned maintenance of mechanical building services.

Although a new company, ABS quickly established a reputation for good quality work, professionally undertaken and significantly, during the then recession years, competitiveness developed through high levels of efficiency.

The Development of the Company

Since the initial establishment of ABS, the company has provided to its customers a steady expansion of both the capacity and range of services, either anticipating or reacting to demand from a growing client base.

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As the size of projects increased, so did the sophistication and expertise, underpinning the ABS success.

ABS used the technique of an integrated design, estimating and construction process necessary to service increasingly large projects and developing the formula for the success of ABS undertaking Design and Build work as detailed under Design & Build.

Responding to market place demands, ABS then began providing to its customer base an in-house electrical design and project engineering capacity for main contractors requesting mechanical and electrical total building engineering services packages.  Currently 90% of ABS projects are now combined M & E, providing to clients a valuable project team responsibility for M & E services co-ordination

ABS has reacted to its success in providing service and planned maintenance to projects undertaken by ourselves and competitor companies, either unwilling or unable to provide after care service, by separating the ABS department into a specialist new company (ABC).  Nevertheless, Accolade Building Care Limited (ABC) continues to provide a fast mobile technician service during the post contract warranty period for ABS projects.  This Service and Maintenance department is linked directly into main ABS Accounts Software, thus providing efficiently through economies of administration for minor works..

Mitchell Way

Mitchell Way

The Present

Today, the company can truly be said to be an established organisation providing all aspects of building engineering services.

Barton Peveril College

Barton Peveril College

Based upon a turnover comprising 75% plus of design and build projects, within which 90% are M & E, the company has resources to undertake projects up to £2M and above, down to smaller small works end user projects of £50K and less and for the servicing, replacement and maintenance of mechanical and electrical installed services.

Both the mechanical and electrical departments have computerised estimating packages, weekly updated, to provide a fast and accurate turn-round of main contractor enquiries.  Further, the company also has building modelling software to provide rapid budget costings and plant loadings.

All ABS office engineers have access to computers and software networked from a central file server bank and providing full computerised faxing and e-mailing services, to desktop.

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The Future

The current high levels of competence enjoyed by ABS are the result of many years of reinvestment in individual members of staff.

A company is only as good as its staff and ABS has an unchallenged industry-leading standard for the development of our engineers, both student and mature.

As a result of the above policy, ABS is ensuring that its future development is under-pinned by increasing competence and capacity so that the ABS development will continue to meet the ongoing increasing demand being enjoyed within the market place.

Overall, our company seeks to ensure its future success by continuing to do what is always done best  – by listening carefully to our clients needs and seeking to provide them.



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