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The Specialist Building Engineering Services Contractor

The world of the specialist contractor has been one of change and development in recent years, and it is a measure of Accolade Building Services Ltd’s (ABS) success that the company has stayed abreast of, and in many cases, led these developments.

The need of the construction industry, however, remain the same: good management, quality installations and a fast and flexible client-response.  ABS has met these needs consistently ever since the company’s foundation in 1992 and now offers one of the most comprehensive scopes of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services in the  Building Engineering Services sector.

Because Building Engineering Services play such a major part in modern construction technology – in terms of both cost and infrastructure – ABS maintains the optimum precision, speed and efficiency in its work by using integrated computer systems which monitor the progress of every aspect of the project, from conception to planned maintenance.

Dorset Street

Dorset Street

This leading-edge technology teamed with the company’s acknowledged engineering expertise allows ABS to achieve a consistently high standard of excellence in all of its works.

Main contracts

ABS maintains a rapid-response system to ensure that clients’ enquiries receive immediate attention.  At tender stage, detailed proposals are generated on the company’s design and estimating computer systems, and at order stage a project-team is selected from our most appropriately qualified and experienced engineering and management staff. This team is responsible for the project throughout its duration.

Great emphasis is placed on the immediate need for working drawings and builders’-work details, which are given priority. Equal importance is attached to the as-fitted drawings and operation manuals which are provided on completion. Successful contracts are executed by us in the Commercial, Industrial, Leisure, Care, Defence, Medical, Retail, and Education sections, in particular

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A Commitment To Quality

ABS is a member of the premier Industry Associations – BESA (formerly HVCA) and ECA – and subscribes fully to the quality and trading standards demanded by those Associations.  In addition, our company maintains its own training schemes to ensure future continuity of skilled personnel, both at trade and technical levels.

Design And Build

BIM ( Building information modeling ) Go to Services / BIM page for further info.

3D Plan

ABS operates a 3 dimensional design package whereby mechanical and electrical services are designed and coordinated with each other including other trades/services in 3 dimensional detail

Autocad MEP software and Revit imports similar 3 dimensional information from structural and architectural packages to ensure full coordination and clash detection with the building structure and services.

Where the client favours a design-and-build format for a project, ABS offers an integrated service to builders, architects and developers.

Incorporating the client’s design-brief, or based on a full ABS assessment of the client’s performance requirements for building occupancy, a thorough design analysis is undertaken by our company’s inhouse Design & CAD engineers.

Mechanical and Electrical services are calculated and sized using our Cymap and Revit design software packages. Design drawings, in colour, are produced by CAD for hard copy or electronic distribution.

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