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Commitment To Training

For many years ABS have been a leader in the field of training and retraining of office and site staff for technical and professional roles.  Recognising the lead-in period associated with personal development, ABS have steadily developed our existing people and is also developing tomorrow’s office and site staff, irrespective of fluctuating market place workloads.

The purpose of the unusually high education and training activities of ABS is based upon commercial considerations, being:-

Existing staff members thereby recognise that the company is progressive and wishes individual members of staff to be equipped in order to take higher responsibilities within a developing business.

New student engineers recognise the educational and financial benefits offered by ABS against a traditional 6th form – University route.  For ABS, this puts the company into a ‘first pick’ position for students with potential to acquire high technical skills and the ability to provide an excellent quality of service to ABS in future years.

n addition to the more formal education, intermediate and senior members of staff enjoy top-up or competence expanding courses and seminars as part of career development.

As a result of the above policy, ABS is ensuring that its future development is under-pinned by increasing competence and capacity so that the ABS development will continue to meet the ongoing increasing demand being enjoyed within the market place.

Overall, our company seeks to ensure its future success by continuing to do what it has always done best - by listening carefully to our client needs and seeking to provide them.

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